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Side Events with participation of NRW stakeholders

The so called “Bonn-Zone” offers space for events, discussion and exchange during COP23. The State of North-Rhine Westphalia organizes two events and participates in a third one.

Please note that UN accreditation is required for admission.

1. Side Event: „Climate change in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany - Monitoring & adaptation strategies“

North-Rhine Westphalian State Agency for Nature, Environment and Consumer Protection (LANUV NRW)

Antje Kruse, head of unit - coordination of climate change monitoring, adaptation and climate protection; Dr. Ingo Wolff, scientific advisor, Dr. Nicole Müller, scientific advisor, Niklas Raffalski, scientific advisor

Tuesday, 07.11., 1:30 – 2.50 pm

Cities & Regions Pavillon in der Bonn Zone

LANUV NRW will present its work in climate change monitoring and climate adaptation. It will introduce its climate change monitoring program and will provide a deeper insight on the indicators of climate change. Speakers will also highlight the extensive “climate analysis NRW” as tool for the adaptation to climate change. This talk will focus on the problem of heat stress in urban areas and on strategies how to cope with it.

2. Side Event: “Structural change for decarbonized societies - Roles of business, local and national governments”

Japanese Ministry of the Environment (MOEJ)

Michael Theben, General Director, Ministry for Economic Affairs, Innovation, Digitalization and Energy NRW, Tetsuo Iku, Executive Vice President & Director, Sekisui House Ltd., Toshihide Hirahara, Deputy Mayor, City of Yokohama and others

Tuesday 14.11., 10:30 – 12.00 am

Japanese Pavilion, Bonn Zone

The Japanese Government will introduce its „Long-term Low-carbon Vision“; subsequently energy transition and decarbonization strategies will be discussed: NRW will share its experience in supporting the energy intensive industry of North-Rhine Westphalia with their climate protection efforts.

3. Side Event: „Challenges of a highly industrialized region - North Rhine-Westphalia and its energy intensive industry”

Ministry for Economic Affairs, Innovation, Digitalization and Energy of the State of North-Rhine Westphalia

Michael Theben, General Director, Ministry for Economic Affairs, Innovation, Digitalization and Energy NRW, Dr. Klaus Schäfer, CTO, Covestro AG, Dr. Hans-Jörn Weddige Group Coordinator Energy, Environment and Climate Policies, thyssenkrupp AG, Prof. Dr. Stefan Lechtenböhmer, Director Research Group, Wuppertal Instiute

Heinz-Uwe Lewe, Policy Officer, Ministry for Economic Affairs, Innovation, Digitalization and Energy NRW

Tuesday, 14.11., 6:30 – 8.00 pm

German Pavilion, Bonn Zone

Climate protection in the energy intensive industries while improving its competitiveness is an emerging and challenging topic. The state of North-Rhine Westphalia is a major hub of German and European basic materials processing industries. The Government of NRW as well as companies based in the state accept the challenge of transferring traditional industries into a sustainable future, ensuring global competitiveness and long-term economic success.

The side event provides an overview of existing activities by government and industry and highlights good practices from NRW stakeholders regarding technology development.