The Geothermal Energy Network NRW

The Geothermal Energy Network encompasses the activities in North-Rhine Westphalia connected with geothermal energy. The Geothermal Energy Network is integrated in the structure of the EnergyEconomy Cluster EnergyRegion.NRW.

The EnergyAgency.NRW is responsible for the management of both the Cluster EnergyRegion.NRW and of the Cluster EnergyResearch.NRW (CEF:NRW). Their networks and partners will therefore continue in future to provide the basis for the cluster work and its adequate co-ordination.

The existing Geothermal Energy Working Group with about 1250 members includes companies, institutions of science and research, and bodies in public administration.

The Fuel Cell and Hydrogen, E-Mobility Network NRW

The Fuel Cell and Hydrogen, E-Mobility Network NRW brings together experienced and new players in the field of fuel cell and hydrogen technology to jointly promote the development and market introduction. Since March 2017 it continues the work of the Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Network, founded 2000, and the activities of the Project Coordination Office for E-Mobility since 2009.

By intensifying the transfer of knowledge between research and industry, new fields are created, the production and research location NRW strengthened and the technology guided to market introduction.

The network has its base in Dusseldorf, the capital of NRW. The branch office is located in the Science Park Gelsenkirchen.

The Fuel Cell and Hydrogen, E-Mobility Network is managed by the EnergyAgency.NRW on behalf of the State NRW. The cluster is the strategic platform in NRW with broad expertise in the field of energy. Key competences include energy research, technological development, demonstration and market introduction of the energy consultancy and professional development.

The Wind Energy Network NRW

17 Zuschläge mit einem Volumen von 270 Megawatt (MW) gingen in der dritten Runde an NRW.
Foto: Luise/pixelio
17 Zuschläge mit einem Volumen von 270 Megawatt (MW) gingen in der dritten Runde an NRW.
Foto: Luise/pixelio
The aim of the Wind Energy Network is to enhance and interconnect the wind industry in North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW). It offers an interactive platform on which network members along the entire value chain can discuss key topics and solutions. Intensive interaction with stakeholders from business, science and politics allows development potential to be realised and interests to be combined and transformed into innovative technologies and services.

By its appearances and lectures at national and international exhibitions and its delegation trips and collaborations, the network supports the businesses of North Rhine-Westphalia in the development and launch of products and services, allowing North Rhine-Westphalia to continuously strengthen its national and international image as a state that specialises in supplying to the wind industry and engaging in wind research. To highlight and sell the competences of North Rhine-Westphalia as a wind energy region, the network strives to showcase the entire value chain of the wind energy industry. Its provision of broad-based information and education gives a significant impetus to the industry. Publications on key topics, brochures containing background information and technical articles published by the network when the need arises provide a clear framework of information on the subject of wind energy in NRW.

By its numerous events, such as technical conferences, expert forums, workshops and industry days, the Wind Energy Network gives the industry ever more innovative impetus and stimulates discussion. At its annual conference “Wind-Updates.NRW”, the network focusses on subjects and issues that are topical within the industry, shines a light on the political background and presents the latest research results and technical developments as well as best practice examples from North Rhine-Westphalia.

At www.energieagentur.nrw/windenergie the network offers a wealth of information including industry updates and news about activities, projects and targets.

Business Directory - Wind Energy in NRW

The Business Direktory provides an excellent overview of wind energy facts and figures, and also of the companies, research institutions and associations active in this field in NRW. This volume also provides information on the Wind Energy Network NRW and on the importance of wind energy for medium-sized enterprises in the state. It is an ideal tool for gaining acquaintance with and deepening knowledge of this topic, and as a reference work available for consultation at any time.

At https://broschueren.nordrheinwestfalendirekt.de the Energy Agency NRW offers among other broschures the Business Directory – Wind Energy in NRW.

Background: Wind Energy in Germany and North Rhine-Westphalia

Retrospectively 2016 can be seen to have been one the strongest years ever for wind energy. In Germany 1.624 new onshore wind turbines with a capacity of 4,625 MW were erected in 2016 and 336 onshore wind turbines with a capacity of 366 MW were demolished. For the whole of Germany this means that, at the end of the year, 27,270 onshore wind turbines and 947 offshore wind turbines with a total capacity of 50,020 MW were installed. (Source: "Status des Windenergie-ausbaus an Land in Deutschland 2016" and "Status des Offshore Windenergie¬ausbaus in Deutschland 2016", Deutsche Windguard)

In NRW alone, as at 31.12.2016 more than 3,345 wind turbines with an installed capacity of 4,604 MW were turning. If one considers the additional installed capacity, North Rhine-Westphalia with its share of 12.2 per cent (564 MW) shows for 2016 a fresh increase and is now on a level with Schleswig Holstein in terms of total additional capacity. With 77.0 billion kWh Germany in 2016 may not have reached the previous year’s level of 78.9 billion kWh, but the wind energy generated 9.3 billion kWh in December 2016 and so enjoyed the lion’s share among renewables. Of this amount 1.3 billion kWh was accounted for by offshore wind energy. Compared to the record month of December 2015 (11.7 billion kWh) the wind power generated (9.3 billion kWh) was 21 per cent below expectations. (Source: Internationales Wirtschaftsforum Regenerative Energien - IWR) Renewables experienced a record day on 8 May 2016: at 1 p.m. 86.3 per cent of the electricity demand in Germany was covered by renewable energy sources - an unprecedented figure, (Source: Agora Energiewende 2017: The energy turn¬around in the electricity sector: State of affairs in 2016. Review of major developments and prospects for 2017)

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