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Until now around 110 projects with a total project volume of almost EUR 200 million and a total investment of almost EUR 120 million from North Rhine-Westphalia were initiated, partly co-financed by the Ziel-2-program (EFRE) of the European Union. The projects were supported by the environmental, the economic, the traffic and research ministries of North Rhine-Westphalia.

Since 2008, projects in the field of hydrogen and fuel cell were carried out irrespectively of single project calls as part of the so-called lighthouse project "NRW Hydrogen HyWay". In the first phase, 20 projects with a volume of EUR 30 million have been funded. In the second phase, an additional budget is available for projects until 2016 in the field of research, development and demonstration (see funding).

If you have further questions about the project contents, please contact the project manager ETN in Jülich.

Projects in NRW funded by the federal government can be found on the project page of NOW GmbH under the region of North Rhine-Westphalia.

List of NRW funded projects


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