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Projects E-Mobility

In the frame of the program “Model Regions E-Mobility”, which was initiated by the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure, 60 projects in more than 40 cities with a total volume of more than 100 million Euro and around 900 battery-electric vehicles have been funded in the “Model Region for E-Mobility North Rhine-Westphalia”.

Overview of the 60 projects in the „Model Region E-mobility NRW“.
Overview of the 60 projects in the „Model Region E-mobility NRW“.

The individual projects cover the following areas:
• Systemic combination: mobility and use of renewable energies
• Development of business models
• E-mobility in commercial and municipal fleets
• Public transport applications / Intermodality
• international cooperation

You can find more projects from “Model Regions E-Mobility” on the website of NOW GmbH.

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