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Objectives of the Network NRW

  • Position North Rhine-Westphalia as an internationally recognized location for the fuel cell and hydrogen technology
  • Support the development of the fuel cell and of adapted system components accompanied by a targeted basic research
  • Introduction to the market of fuel cell applications as bridges for the mass market
  • Support the establishment of a ready-to-market and sustainable hydrogen energy economy

The network offers its members a large spectrum of service moduls in the following categories:

  • Initiation of projects
    Initial Consultation, Partner determination for cooperations
  • Internationalization
    Acquisitions and delegations, Participation in international bodies, Contacts with international FC-initiatives
  • Information and communication
    Conferences and workshops, Platforms and expert groups, Competence-Atlas, Product list, Information about technologies
  • Public relations
    Joint stands at international trade fairs, Presentations, Publications in specialised media, Homepage, Newsletter, Journalists tours
  • Settlement
    Acquisition and accompaniment of resettlement companies, Support of regional economic development agencies, Local information
  • Qualification
    Student competition FUELCELLBOX, Company visits

The network contributed to the success that  NRW is considered as one of the leading fuel cell locations in Europe. This fact is evidenced among other things by the settlements of major fuel cell companies like Hydrogenics (Canada), Ballard (Canada) and Ceramic Fuel Cells (Australia).

Already today numerous companies and research institutes are working successfully in the field of fuel cell and hydrogen technology. This applies as well for the basic research (stack development, development of membranes and catalysts, reforming technology) as for the development of fuel cell applications (domestic power supply, portable systems, mobile applications). This is complemented by the numerous companies working on the production, storage and transport of hydrogen.

More than 400 members are working together within the network.

Nevertheless, there is a much greater potential of companies which expertise is needed for the development of fuel cell and hydrogen systems. Companies from industrial branches like chemistry, materials, mechanical, chemical or electrical engineering could play an important role as system integrators or component suppliers. 

Companies from abroad can also become members of the network and are cordially invited to collaborate in the Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Network NRW.

Dr. Thomas Kattenstein
Leiter Themengebiet Brennstoffzelle und Wasserstoff, Elektromobilität / Leiter Netzwerk Brennstoffzelle und Wasserstoff, Elektromobilität
0211 8664215

Dr.-Ing. Frank Koch
Brennstoffzelle & Wasserstoff
0209 1672816

You can contact the EnergyAgency.NRW additionally on weekdays between 8am and 6pm by calling our hotline on: +49 211 - 8371930


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