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Who can become member of the network?
Every institute or company which is already working on the fields of fuel cell and hydrogen technology or is planning to do so can become member of the Fuel Cell and Hydrogen, E-Mobility Network NRW. The member does not necessarily have to be located in NRW. Companies from abroad can also become network members and are cordially invited to join.

What are the benefits of a membership?
Members of the network receive periodically information about the activities of the network, the EnergyAgency.NRW and also news about recent fuel cell developments. Furthermore, the membership is a basic condition for the participation in the working groups. Members can also present themselves in the Competence.Atlas Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Technology. Members are expected to participate actively in the network.

What are the fees for the membership?
The membership is free of charge.

How can one become member of the network?
In order to become member of the Network NRW you simply have to fill out the following registration form and send it to the network team. You can draw further information from our infoflyer.

Here you will find the online application form. 

Dr. Thomas Kattenstein
Leiter Themengebiet Brennstoffzelle und Wasserstoff, Elektromobilität / Leiter Netzwerk Brennstoffzelle und Wasserstoff, Elektromobilität
0211 8664215

Dr.-Ing. Frank Koch
Brennstoffzelle & Wasserstoff
0209 1672816

You can contact the EnergyAgency.NRW additionally on weekdays between 8am and 6pm by calling our hotline on: +49 211 - 8371930


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